django-i18next - Additions to Django’s i18n module.


  • Django 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
  • Python >= 2.6.8, >= 2.7, >= 3.3


See the TODOS for the full list of planned-, pending- in-development- or to-be-implemented features.


  1. Install latest stable version from PyPI:
$ pip install django-i18next

Or latest stable version from GitHub:

$ pip install -e git+

Or latest stable version from BitBucket:

$ pip install -e hg+
  1. Add fobi to INSTALLED_APPS of the your projects’ Django settings. Furthermore, all themes and plugins to be used, shall be added to the INSTALLED_APPS as well. Note, that if a plugin has additional dependencies, you should be mentioning those in the INSTALLED_APPS as well.
    # ...

    # Other project specific apps
    'foo', # Test app
    # ...


Override locale

No matter what your current locale is, you can override it for a certain part of your template using the overridelocale template tag.

{% load i18n i18next %}

{% overridelocale 'en' %}
        <a href="/login/">{% trans "Log in" %}</a>
{% endoverridelocale %}

Disable translations

No matter what your current locale is, you can disable translations for a certain part of your template using the disabletranslations template tag.

{% load i18n i18next %}

{% disabletranslations %}
        <a href="/login/">{% trans "Log in" %}</a>
{% enddisabletranslations %}


Live demo

See the live demo app on Heroku.


  • username: test_user
  • password: test_user

Run demo locally

In order to be able to quickly evaluate the Fobi, a demo app (with a quick installer) has been created (works on Ubuntu/Debian, may work on other Linux systems as well, although not guaranteed). Follow the instructions below for having the demo running within a minute.

Grab the latest

$ wget

Assign execute rights to the installer and run the

$ chmod +x
$ ./

Open your browser and test the app.


Django admin interface:

If quick installer doesn’t work for you, see the manual steps on running the example project.


By default debugging is turned off. Set the I18NEXT_DEBUG to True in the of your project in order to do so.


GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1


For any issues contact me at the e-mail given in the Author section.


Artur Barseghyan <>



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